Oct 16, 2019
Brian Slawin and Michael Outlaw
How Entrepreneurs, Their Companies & Communities Can Support Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Brian and Michael will introduce members to their program for companies through which participants are guided to recognize their inherent – and subtle – gender, race and nationality biases and build strategies and practices to help build more diverse, equitable and inclusive entrepreneurial communities. Through the use of interactive experiences, participants will develop skills to share with their community, companies and organizations.

Since the social discussion about ‘fairness’ typically devolves into something biased on a participants view of the world, this session removes the ‘emotional payload’ around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and instead thinks through – in pure capitalistic and entrepreneurial terms – the results of being a non-equitable, non-diverse or non-inclusive entrepreneurial community. In parallel to this discussion, the program enables participants to interactively build a suite of skills to actually do something about that.

Brian and Michael will be introduced by Rotarian John Stockard.