Transformation of the Erie Maennerchor
Oct 23, 2019  Julio Reyes: Transformation of the Erie Maennerchor

Julio C. Reyes is the president and founder of IBS an IT consulting company in Los Angeles, and Latinos Restaurant on Parade St. in Erie. The latter closed for business on May 29, 2019 to focus on his newest venture, the Maennerchor project. He and his wife Lilia were born and raised in Mexico and have been married for 37 years. They migrated to the USA in 1983 and started investing in real estate in Erie in the late 1980s. Their latest real estate project in Erie is the Maennerchor Plaza project.  Julio does not have a college degree. He only attended computer technical schools after graduating from high school.

During his professional career in Mexico, Julio worked for a global consulting company and he trained people from all over the world in their center for professional education in St. Charles, IL. While working for multinational companies in Mexico he developed software that was later distributed all over the world and has helped his software company clients incorporate new technology and automate their business operations.

As entrepreneurs, trend setters and investors in Erie, Julio and his wife opened Las Cazuelas in little Italy in 1995. Las Cazuelas was the first tortilla factory in Northwestern PA. The tortilla factory was later closed to focus on Latinos Restaurant.  When they opened Latinos Restaurant for business in 1996, they became the first small business operation in the whole region to install security internet TCP/IP cameras and touch screens POS. They later installed the first Rain Garden and first Dry Well in the City of Erie. They also planted the first trees on the Parade Street sidewalk in over 30 years.

Julio and Lilia became US Citizens in 2000. Julio and Lilia have two daughters and a granddaughter.  Natalie has an MBA in Information Technology, Kimberly has a BA in Communication, Economics, and Sophia is an adorable one-year old. They are proud to say that everybody in the family is fully bilingual and bicultural. When they’re not traveling the world, Julio and Lilia spend their time between Los Angeles and Erie.

Julio will be introduced by Rotarian Ray Sammartino.